The Red Cell Biology Laboratory at the Section of Cell Biology and Biophysics of the Dept. of Biology (NKUA, School of Sciences) launched its activity in late 80's. It carries out research on the structure, molecular physiology and biochemistry of RBCs in vivo and in vitro. For over 15 years it has been specialized in the study of RBC storage lesion, namely, modifications that happen during storage of RBCs in anticoagulant/preservative/additive solutions at blood banks, and its effects on transfusion therapy, as well as in the study of extracellular vesicles (mostly in plasma).

More specifically, our research activities focus on:
• RBC morphology and ultrastructure
• RBC aging, surface removal signaling, erythrophagocytosis and eryptosis
• RBC protein and lipid composition, proteome, regulation of proteostasis
• RBC redox and energy metabolism
Membrane microvesiculation and release of extracellular vesicles
RBC stress responses to stimuli corresponding to control or disease states