Titles of PhD Degrees Awarded

1) Cellular study of inherited anemias with emphasis to a type of Dyserythropoietic anemia. Marianna Antonelou, 2003

2) Study of RBC membrane proteins in inherited and acquired membranopathies. Panagiotis Margetis, 2008

3) Cellular study of stored RBCs. Anastasios Kriebardis, 2008

4) RBC aging and death signaling in vivo and in vitro. Vassilis Tzounakas, 2015

5) RBC senescence and death pathways in end-stage renal disease. Hara Georgatzakou, 2017

6) Physiological features and effects of transfused RBCs as a function of donor and recipient variations. Alkmini Anastasiadi, 2022